St. Vincent de Paul Society

"End Poverty Through Systemic Change"

Our Work

Our conference formed at St. Leo’s Church in Minot in January of 2014, when we began work on developing our conference procedures and guidelines as well as learning about Vincentian spirituality. We also began raising funds to support the work of our conference. This included two rummage sales, selling hot dogs and soliciting donations from parishioners. In March of 2015 we received a generous grant from the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation and we began our ministry of Home Visits.

Since March of 2015 we have made approximately 20-25  Home and Other Visits per month, representing many hours of service to the Minot community. We are all volunteers who visit our Clients in teams of two. We pray with those we visit if they are comfortable with that. We have assisted individuals, families, young and old, homeowners, renters and those without homes. We coordinate assistance with local churches, nonprofits and government social service agencies. The needs have been many and varied. 

Some types of assistance we have provided:

  • Prepaid basic cell phone
  • temporary housing
  • emergency food
  • transportation for religious education classes
  • assistance with obtaining medical prescriptions and eyeglasses
  • emergency assistance with property tax, utility bills and rent deposits
  • transportation to church
  • emergency travel home
  • assistance with vehicle insurance or minor repairs so someone could get to work
  • referrals to other community programs such as veterans’ assistance and food pantries

“No work of charity is foreign to the Society” as we have discovered and we continue to work to fill in where other area agencies cannot.